Posted date: 22/June/2009

There is no doubt about it. The Suvarana Kannada channel known for ‘Nera Dhitta Niranthara’ would bag ‘Suwarna’! It has caught up with a lovely and praise worthy program and equally worthy actress Lakshmi the five star five language actress is heading ‘Kathe Alla Jeevana’ a replica of ‘Kathe Alla Nijam’ that was in Vijaya TV from the same actress given a huge success to the Star Network.

The lovely lady Lakshmi with forty years of career in films seeing the trials and tribulations in the personal life has a magic touch to interact with any people or rather capable of any issue placed before her.

She is now Suvarana channel ‘Kathe Alla Jeevana’ a real shows that is also a reality show in terms of television language. All affected persons pro and anti come in this platform and get solace is very important social work happening from the channel. In the 570 episodes actress Lakshmi handled various issues and the program was stupendous success.

The beauty of this ‘Kathe Alla Jeevana’ that has already completed 16 episodes of shoot in Kannada is that a boy of 10 years has already written a letter to save his mother from the beating of his drunkard father. This is the court hall of your conscientious and a honest attempt indeed prove well in Tamil and others following it.

The socially relevant program ‘Kathe alla Jeevana’ is hitting the small screen of Suvarana Channel from 22nd of this month at night 8 pm.

In one of the episodes a person in the program who attended for solution got aid from Suvarana channel for his three girl child education. The culprit and opponent both appear in this program and finally go with a smile and solution says actress Lakshmi. The natural self, genuineness of the program is what earned viewers in Tamil and it is so sure to repeat the magic in Kannada feels Lakshmi.

The high tech, low tech and middle tech all come to this platform is another high point says Lakshmi. One thing she has understood from the whole program is that a woman has courage of looking after child once she has cut from the relationship of her husband. While the husband turns addict to liquor and feels lost everything in life – that is the greatness of a woman the ‘Stree Shakthi’ she wants to point.

Off late the woman is thinking on the ground that it her right to live happily and in some of the cases independently. I have seen the lovers of eight years getting married and applying for break up in eight months. The rowdy saying he wanted the mother’s affection not the sexual happiness Lakshmi had seen live in her own programs. What is presented on the screen is supported by legal, medical experts in some cases.

Mr Jagadish Kumar President of Star Network South India felt guilty of ignoring the south market that has 50 percent share. He apologized for not touching upon this market so far. ‘Kathe Alla Nijam’ was a flagship program in Tamil informed Jagadishkumar. Actress Lakshmi is the soul of the people in this program explained Anup Chandrasekhar the local head.

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