Posted date: 28/April/2009

For the insult meted out to him the lovely star Premkumar shot in to fame from ‘Nenapirali’ has decided to keep away from all his further activities concerning ‘Jothegara’ Kannada film. ‘I have been insulted and called as a supporting actor’. So I telephoned the concerned person and said don’t call me for any of the promotion activities of the film.

Premkumar who spoke to a section of media friends at the ‘Thakkath’ audio release said the concerned producer spoke ill of the tabloid ‘Hai Bangalore’ and I was not ready to accept his pampering of a popular tabloid. I told him I know the Editor of it very well participated in some movement with him and intensity of that tabloid plus its circulation. More than that I told the producer of ‘Jothegara’ that it has huge circulation Prem dashed his inner feelings. That report cannot be a hallucination one. It is only when it has come out from ‘Jothegara’ producer mouth it gets in to print.

Besides making such ugly comments the producer is further damaging others. It is not that Lakshmi madam given Rs.1 lakh in appreciation. She had worked for nine days and so she took only Rs.9 lakhs. In case I lose my temper and express my struggle with ‘Jothegara’ it would be a big controversy pointed Premkumar.

Before concluding his heart burns Premkumar did not forget to say that he visited the Ashwini Recording office early morning 5.30 am even before the doors were open for dubbing. That was the time allotted to me. That is the commitment I have he made a pointed.

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