Posted date: 01 Wed, Dec 2021 10:14:23 AM
The roaring star Srimurali, another action extravaganza with mother sentiment in ‘Madagaja’ by opulent producer Umapathy Srinivas Gowda is safe even before release for the investment.

With pride and happiness Umapathy Srinivas Gowda addressed the crowded media at Fortune Hotel in Gandhinagar on Tuesday evening and he made it a point very clear that he has come here to make business. For the sake of cinema, I cannot see my family on the streets was the ‘Khadak’ reply from Umapathy Srinivas Gowda. I am safe before release and whatever comes now is a profit he claims on his another cherished baby ‘Madagaja’.

It is a mass emotion and love film made with a lavish budget. All family members would love it and we have made some calculations on the audience to whom we should make. First it is the audience, second censor in mind we have worked out. Every frame to frame the good content is delivered by director S Maheshkumar (director of super hit Ayogya Kannada film). It took two years for the final product. We have worked out a strategy on piracy and sometime I feel I should make 3D films to eradicate piracy feels Umapathy Srinivas Gowda. The audio, satellite, dubbing, OTT, Hindi dubbing especially made me very safe and it is a right project for my business adventure, adds Umapathy Srinivas Gowda.

Director of Ayogya S Mahesh Kumar in his second film, a lavish one, immensely thanked the producer Umapathy Srinivas Gowda for his brilliant approach and involvement in the project for the better. When I sent him a look for the Garuda Ram character, producer Umapathi suggested golden teeth for the same character. Like that we have incorporated his suggestions and made a team effort in ‘Madagaja’ he says.

Three songs, a mother sentiment, celebration song and introduction songs penned by state award winning lyricist Kinnal Raaj expressed his satisfaction of work with Umapathy Films.

Santosh Venky feels proud because his mother sentiment song was a track from him but after a few singers, not matching the emotions the original was retained. For Santosh Venky the local talented singer this is not the first time. His track was retained after producers paid a few lakhs to non Kannada singers.

KGF dialogue writer Chandramouli feeling happy for writing to this film with various characters and its dimensions admitted that the dialogue – ‘Ooota Madid Baale ele count Madabardu and opponents tale enisbardu’ in the trailer is not penned by him.

Garuda Ram, another KGF actor in this film, has a different look, one of his eyes covered with an instrument, and his eye is the target in this film.

Pretty actress Ashika Ranganath, cute and milky beauty has learnt riding cycle, smoking and working in the fields for this film purpose. Of course she is happy for big venture and roaring star Srimurali co-star and for smoking in this film it is Srimurali who taught her, she admitted.

I love this producer. He is so passionate and Khadak Srimurali in his address said I am given a roaring star tag but I had seen the roar or fire in the director S Mahesh Kumar. This ‘Madagaja’ has been a long and satisfying journey for me. There are several special things to look into from this film. Mother sentiment is more special in this film and veteran actress Devayani in the mother role he said in his address.

Producer Umapathy Srinivas Gowda brother Deepak expressed satisfaction on making this project ‘Madagaja’. 
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