Posted date: 25/November/2010

‘Hosa Prema Purana’ enappa andhre? Please read the above headline! Today genre does not want commitment. They just want to freak out. It is not that they should get married and get one or two children. They do not believe in the theory that children look after parents tomorrow. The mind set of today generation is clear. On the other hand most of them are neglecting their parents. When the issue of marriage comes up they turn up early morning to the house.

Why children, why marriage, why commitment is the argument in their mind? The traditional thoughts have gone. The sex in the marriage the youths have seen today. So with a colleague or someone living together is the best policy they consider and some of them are doing it in this generation.

Director Shivakumar of Malenada Mallige and Gadipar has picked this film subject and completed the talkie portions. He has to shoot five songs for this film.

Shradda Das of Mumbai the famous actress in Telugu films is the heroine of this ‘Hosa Prema Purana’. The hero Nikith has seen friends of his age accepting this new modern theory of living together. He had seen both positive and negative out of it.

The coffee estate in Chickmagalur and real estate in Mysore businessman Prasad is producing this film and not kept any budget.

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