Posted date: 29 Tue, Jun 2021 12:17:34 PM
The handsome looking, multi talented personality with zeal in acting and doing a lot of social service Mahendra Munot was referred as ‘Kaliyug Karna’ by Gajendra and BP Hariharan at the release of two corona songs on Monday afternoon at SRV Theatre.

Gajendra, one of the two song directors appreciating the talent and good nature of Mahendra Munot at this Corona Pandemic situation stated that MM is nothing but Kaliyug Karna.

Director BP Hariharan of ‘Kiladigalu’ (that ran for 105 days in the northern part of Karnataka starring Mahendra Munot) in this video song release time stated that MM is ‘Naa Kanda Karna’.

Hariharan supporting his statement on Mahendra Munot said in the last 53 days of the second wave of Corona he has served food for over 7500 people every day, giving food to animals and birds, for 65 families he has given job via making of two songs on Corona. He has performed in both the songs with a natural feel he complimented Mahendra Munot.

Mahendra Munot speaking at the release of his production of two video songs said he had seen poverty in his life. Serving people is a duty. I have ‘Swartha’ in doing so because people give me a place in their heart. Let us all work together in removing this crisis. It is not the responsibility of the government but of every citizen. Let us all move without an iota of negligence, felt Mahendra Munot.

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