Posted date: 15/February/2009

Prominent Kannada film producer K.Manju received blow on his temple
and another producer Umesh Banakar received blow from police lathi
when when went with other producers to curb the piracy of Kannada and
other language films.

Angry producers of Kannada cinema and film chamber members came
straight to Ulsoor gate police station in the afternoon with the
seized pirated VCD and DVD's and blocked the traffic. They demanded
action on the police officials who beat up the producers and later
threws the pirated CD and DVD's in the air as the heavy vehicles
moved. The buses, lorries and other vehicles went on the seized
pirated film DVD's.

The police had a hectic time when the Kannada Chaluvali Paksha Vatal
Nagaraj came in horse cart to the spot. Vatal was for different cause
protesting with Kannada flags joined the piracy protest of Kannada
cinema producers and urged the police to take action.

The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce President Dr.Jayamala arrived
on the spot of Ulsoor gate police station and explained the situation
of Kannada film producers with such a scenario. Producers Ramu,
Rockline Venkatesh, KCN Chandrasekhar and others were on the spot of

The strong voice was also raised for the introduction of Anti Gooda
Act to tackle the piracy problem,

On Saturday in Gandhinagar and Silver Jubilee park over a lakh DVD
pirated ones of various languages were discovered. Five cinemas in one
DVD at a cost of Rs.30 irked the producers who invest crores of rupees
for their product.

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