Posted date: 2/June/2010

The sacred thread ritual ‘Upanayana’ for the grand son of Dr Vishnuvardhana is taking place according to the wish of lovable Vishnuji. Dr Vishnu even prepared the list of invitees and how Upanayana has to be conducted he had rounds of discussions with his wife Smt Bharathi Vishnuvardhana and son in law Anirudh Jatakara. Now the time has come without the presence of agile Dr Vishnuvardhana!

On 4th June Brahmopadesham of Master Jyeshtavardhana (Apremeya) son of Anirudh Jatakar and Keerthi is taking place at Chamaraju Kalyana Mandira situated in south End Circle in Jayanagar 3rd block.

Master Jyeshta Vardhana is the grand son of Dr Vishnuvardhana and Dr Bharathi Vishnuvardhana parents of Keerthi and Sri Harshavardhana and Ujwala parents of Anirudh Jatakara.

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