Posted date: 12 Sun, Dec 2021 09:55:55 AM
Duration – 126 minutes, Category – Action Adventure, Score – 4/5

Title – Muddy, Producer – Prem Krishna Das, Direction – Dr Pragbhal, music – Ravi Basrur, Cinematography – KG Ratheesh, Cast - Yuvan Krishna, Ridhaan Krishna, Amita Sivadas, Renji Panicker, Aniusha Suresh, Harish Peradi and others.

This is an epoch-making action adventure with the backdrop of mud race for the first time on Indian screen. The tough and hard aspect of this film is the race – in the box office this adventure is the highpoint. Yet the management expert Dr Pragbhal has brought a wafer thin love story, mother sentiment and brothers reunite besides the vengeance between Murty and Karthi on one side and Tony on the opposing gang.

This does not look like a straight Kannada film as the lip sinking not found in the Kannada dialogues. However, the Kannada version the team claims is well written in dialogues by RP Bala.

Set in the thick forest background the film Muddy has one introductory mud race and later on two mud races are chilling and keep you on the edge of the seats.

Murthy is an honest and simple person. He is a specialist in loading the cut woods of trees. He has a favorite vehicle, a Garuda. Karthi and Tony`s friends in the engineering college turn foes. Race is the issue for revenge. On the other hand, Karthi and Murthy are like brothers with some age difference.

How Murthy prepare his brother to win the 2019 championship in Mud Race after a brutal attack on Karthi is the interesting factor. The sacrifice of Murthy for his brother Karthi is commendable.

Finally how Karthi manages his mega race, how Tony is tortuous and element of love also passes through the tight narration of Dr Pragbhal.

The film is full of sound and dashing developments. Ravi Basrur doing the background score gives even the music for the jerk of tires in the race besides collecting a lot of voices for this film.

Murthy`s character is a silent killer in this film, he has a wonderful future, Karthi character looks like Rocking star Yash in a few places with his beard, Tony key villain in this film go round the Indian cinema for his build and capabilities.

The cinematography of KG Ratheesh is excellent; the Mahindra Vehicles used for this would be a great lift for the popular company.

Action lovers and hard track race lovers should not miss this film ‘Muddy’. Finally Dr Pragbhal has really proved what is ‘Bhal’ – strength in his first film deserves full compliments. 
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