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Duration – 143 minutes 52 seconds, Category – Love and family drama, Score – 4/5

Title – Mugilpete, Producer – Raksha Vijayakumar, Direction – Bharat Navunda, Music – Sridhar Sambram, Cinematography – Ravi Verma (Gangu), Cast - Manuranjan Ravichandran, Kayadu Lohar, Tara, Avinash, Sadhukokila, Rangayana Raghu, Appanna, Prashanth Siddi, Rishi, Ananth Mahadevan, Kavya Shah and others.

The most anticipated film ‘Mugilpete’ has a promising second half and first half filled with the usual quota of a commercial cinema. Manu Ravichandran excels in action and emotes well at places, compared to his previous two films Manu has grown up in acting and easily gets a place in the heart of the mass audience.

Director Bharat Navunda should have made his first half even stronger as far as the entertainment elements are concerned but his narration is ‘Dilkush’ in the second half.

The film is not just a love story. It has family emotions, caring attitude, friendship, sacrifice and the issue of ‘Pritsod Thappa’ has the right answer.

We have Raja (Manu) in a family of Susheelamma (Thara Anuradha) and Avinash a registrar in a government company. Raja is also supporting his livelihood with a job but that is what brings Sadhu Kokila on screen. Raja has to collect the loan from Sadhu Kokila who is escaping all the time with nearly 16 different get ups.

The Family of Raja is where his mother and father are not in talking terms because of one particular incident that leads to a break in the love life of Raja with Appi (Khayadu Lohar). Dejected for his failure after giving a good care for Appi, Raja decides to keep away as love by compulsion is not his cup of tea. It becomes so painful for Raja to carry his feelings.

As the mistaken identity crosses the limit in Appi, she decides to marry the boy suggested by her grandfather. This is after a long gap happening but Raja intends to see Appi once before marriage.

It does happen with the support of Bhagavathar (Rangayana Raghu). Whether Raja and Appi unite, how the family issue of Raja gets over…you have to watch it on the silver screen.

There is glorious cinematography and the advantage for it is the locations selected for shooting. The Sakleshpur surroundings in the camera are exotic.

Sridhar Sambram one lovely song Tarifu…and two others in sorrow mood are touching.

Manuranjan Ravichandran has portrayed a very good action mood in this film besides a near perfect dubbing for his role. He has good innings to play in the coming years. Khayadu Lohar is the finest choice for this film.

Sadhu Kokila in different get ups is a comedy track and Rangayana Raghu role is commendable.

‘Mugilpete’ is a film you cannot miss to watch with your family members. 

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