Posted date: 10/June/2010

A wrong song at this time we know. But Rathnaja and Amoolya alleged kissing remind this song. This is nothing but fake says both the affected parties but there is a strong resemblance to both too!

In the Belgaum schedule of shooting of ‘Premism’ the intimate photographs of director Rathnaja (of Premism, Hongansu and Nenapirali) and Amoolya is taken it is said. One claims as Vijayakrishna out of revenge has created the whole commotion in the life of eminent director Rathnaja and Amoolya.

The set boys it is learnt do not deny the hush-hush meetings of Rathnaja and Amoolya although it was not to the extent of Vijay and Shuba Punj on the sets of S Narayan’s ‘Chanda’ film.

Vijaya Krishna getting hold of nine photographs or whether he has matched the photographs demanded Rs.3 lakhs of rupees but finally came down to Rs.50000. Even that also he could not fetch from Rathnaja finally made him to use the blackmail tactics.

As a result even also got the photograph from one of the strangers and that is obviously after knowing the telephone number from the popular website.

Meanwhile another source which wants anonymity says director Rathnaja was engaged to editor of Kannada films Kemparaj’s sister and after this episode the proposal broke down.

At this point of time in the Gandhinagar the hub of film activities there is a joke – ‘Olle Cinma Madro Nan Makkalara andhre Makkal Madakke Horatavre’ – Naguvodhu Aluvudho Neeve Heli!

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