Posted date: 23/November/2010

Director of eminence and cameraman of prominence Dinesh Baboo shot back at the hero culture in our film industry. My idea of futuristic cinema is films with no heroes or heroines. According to Dinesh Baboo that concept is becoming old and even in Hindi cinema the participation of artists is giving win to the film. Like wise I am now familiar with two families in my films that would look at the problems and pleasures of millions he says with great confidence.

After ‘Limit’ that he is launching on 16th of December the second one consecutively with Umesh Banakar the talented and stylish director and cameraman who achieved the rare feat of 100 films in his career is saying there should be limit for all. In the two families concept either extending love or attacking there is a limit. If anything is in excess it is not good. Like how we say ‘Amrutha Athiyadru Visha’.

Soon after ‘Limit’ starring B Ramamurthy’s son Akshay and Nayana winner of reality show ‘Pyate Hudgi Halli Life’ will have Ananthnag, Thara, Suhasini and others too.

Soon after this Dinesh Baboo and Umesh Banakar are planning a film with Suhasini and Ramya. Earlier it was Revathi and Suhasini but now in place of Revathi director Baboo has Ramya in mind. That is about the womenfolk issue very interesting tale it is says Baboo.

Actress Ramya has not been contacted yet but we hope she will agree for the role says Dinesh baboo who introduced Ramya from ‘Abhi’ film starring Puneeth Rajakumar.
Everyone has fixed remuneration. We have to pay it like how we pay the essential commodities and buy it says Dinesh Baboo.

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