Posted date: 22 Sat, Jan 2022 11:33:29 AM

Sachith Films producer Venkat Gowda and Meena Venkat Gowda are in search of a treasure. The content of the fifth production is about the search for treasure and in fact the winning in the box office for this film is real treasure.

Pawan Shourya and Mouryani starring in the film held the formal muhurut at the famous Kadu Malleswara Temple in Bengaluru and addressed the media.

Director of Gooli Hatti, Halu Thuppa and Udumba hero Pawan Shourya is the lead actor and he is in the lead role. Shashank Raj with good experience from the camp of crazy star Dr Ravichandra V and later directing Yuga Yugagale Sagali, Uda, Mavalli Miltry Hotel, Gooli Hatti, Hani Hani Ibbani and Halu Thuppa as independent director is taking up this film as director.

In the demise of Appu, the team did not hold the muhurut but started the film. After 35 days the team is having muhurut and heading for another schedule of 25 days shooting.

Apparently the film has a good track of grandfather and granddaughter. Nachita alias ‘Naachi’ is the title and the female protagonist is studying in the final year of archeology. She reaches the Malnad region for her research work and learns it is the house of her ancestors. The treasure tucked in it also comes in the forefront.

The history, science, love, comedy, thrill, horror, action are part of this film ‘Naachi’. Ultimately it focuses on ‘Science beyond Sense’. The real life Yakshagana and Bootha Kola are captured for this film. There are four action portions, three songs besides a bit song.

Mouryani hails from adjacent Telugu filmdom. She has acted in over 15 films. She was listening to scripts in the last four years and the one by Shashank Raj touched her immensely.

Along with Pawan Shourya and Moryani, Aryabhata Jaguar, Krish, Priya Shetty, Shreya Shetty, Ninasam Nanjappa, Prashanth, Manish and others are in the cast.

Writer, theater personality and TV actor SLN Swamy is donning the role of grandfather in the film.

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