Posted date: 2/November/2010

The delicious Namitha is back in an ordinary Kannada film after a big film ‘Hoo’. This one a shoe string budget film ‘Namitha I Love You’ title has attracted Namitha.

The sex queen of South India who is much in demand compare to any top heroines in South India is in a quick conversation.

Excerpts of an interview:

What made you to accept an ordinary film ‘Namitha I Love You’?
There is very good moral in it. I make the students to come to the right steps. Moreover I am attracted by the title ‘Namitha I Love You’.

Who loves you? What is the kind of role in this film?
Students go crazy about me. I teach them Yoga. Yoga is also part of studies nowadays.

What is the Yoga teacher costume?
It is modern outfit but not very revealing.

Have you given up your skin show?
I am fed up. I have done enough of such roles. I want to retain a new mileage for me.

Are you making introspection?
It has to be at one point of time. I am picking more quality roles.

Have you reduced offers coming your way?
I was doing eight films. Now I am doing four films.

Have you been to college?
I have done BA literature. I was rowdy in the college. I was going to college by motorbike. I was not a studious. I bunked. During the exam times I studied. I scored highest of 62 percent and lowest of 56 percent. I am poor in mathematics even today.

You had a long career good bank balance becoming darling of masses, marriage or direction next?
I am not thinking of the two – marriage and direction. I am in to Salsa dance school. I am a Bharatanatyam dancer.

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