Posted date: 21/January/2011

After the media address at the premises of his theatre ‘Bhagyavathi Chitramandira’ at Bhadravathi the man of many talents S Narayan spoke on various topics. With the exhibition hall S Narayan is now in to all areas of activities of filmdom.
Here are some of the highlights of a chat with S Narayan on Wednesday night in Bhadravathi:

  • Yuddha madakke gotthu asthra illa..... I have plenty of subjects but not the right actors who are popular in the market.
  • I have five biggies and each one calls for Rs.10 crores budget.
  • A hero of today genre should take the remuneration on the basis of his past film business. When there is no collection from so and so here there is no point in raising the remuneration.
  • I have more discipline in director Shanker.
  • Today Technology has made ride than the actors. ‘Enthiran’ is an example.
  • I do not depend on anyone and not interested in calling anyone ‘Anna’ except Ambarish. Earlier Dr Rajakumar and Dr Vishnuvardhana had that strength of calling ‘Anna’. Naanu Yarannu Anna Annakkagalla!
  • I do not depend on anyone and not dream like.
  • I know the value of food and money.
  • I have liked many qualities in Sudeep. He asked for straight subject and second he did not speak about remuneration aspect first.
  • On the sets of Veera Parampare accidentally I said Darshan instead of Sudeep name.
  • The Gowrava should come from the heart.
  • Even today we sit for food with wife, two sons and daughter. I tell what I want to tell them. I leave it for my children to take good things.
  • My daughter has completed MA post graduation and now getting ready for IAS examinations.
  • I was like a psychic at 20. I just wanted to leave my place came to my mind. I went by walk from this place to Bangalore.
  • In Chennai I was almost dead without food for seven days. There was some power that brought me to this stage.
  • I don’t cut cakes for my birthday. Practically I cannot digest this event.
  • In this Bhadravathi I have worked for 50 paisa. I used to get when I was cleaning the bar. I stayed in Bar till 3 am. I was working as servant to a boss who was asking me to fill the glasses with liquor. But no drinking in my life.
  • Dr Rajakumar wanted to sing in my lyrics and music on Shirdi Sai Baba. I have made the compositions but could not record it. The range of Annavru is to ‘Panchama’ very difficult for others. Yesudas or Hariharan can reach that height.
  • I have purchased German made Lens for this film. I have the taste for something new and technically brilliant ones.
  • Walkathon is nothing new to me. Once my friend T Venkatesh of Abhimani Group invited me for a function. But I felt I am not the right person for that function. I was asked by my friend to make it. For him I went there and it is a distance of six kilometers from my home. I went in his car.
  • As I got down one fine day three years ago T Venkatesh went ahead and I went behind. My mind did not permit me to that place. I took a reverse step. Quietly started taking a walk.
  • I was walking there were people asking for photographs, autographs I obliged. A few auto drivers came and told ‘Oh Narayan avare En Naditha Iddira….Banni we will give drop they said. I said I will walk. A few minutes later a police jeep came and stood before me.
  • The cop who got down told me to turn back and see. As I see three hundred people were following me. I was shocked. It is because I am walking they are walking.
  • I was taken in the police jeep and dropped to my home.
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