Posted date: 27/January/2011

On the birthday of popular actor Ajay Rao 24th January the muhurut of his new film by the one who introduced him in ‘Excuse Me’ NM Suresh was held at a Sri Ambha Bhavani Temple in Gavipuram Bangalore was indeed the first time the media attended this place for muhurth.
NM Suresh described that Ajay Rao has given me new Janma at this temple while Ajay Rao humbly told he is not such great one to give Janma. At a time NM Suresh was in bad shape after the huge loss of ‘Cheluveye Ninne Nodalu’ Ajay Rao came to the house of the producer and told him not to lose courage and encourage him to do a film offering some rebate in his remuneration plus introducing Giriraj as director and story writer.
NM Suresh was really moved with such an offer from Ajay Rao. He heard the story and immediately agreed for ‘Adwaitha’. But the only difference is that Suresh is producing the film in the name of his wife Smt Sharadha.
‘Adwaitha’ has nothing to do with Sri Shankaracharya philosophy. The film firmly rules there should be one approach for anything. This is a thriller according to Ajay Rao.
The script is attractive especially for the age group of 16 to 22. There is love and I play a writer. Writer is a fighter in ‘Adwaitha’ says Ajay Rao.
Giriraj the maker of ‘Naviladhavaru’ at just Rs.35000 that is the one day coffee bill in an artist like Ambarish house. Ajay Rao had seen me in ‘KLS’ working as assistant director probably got me this film he mentioned. You will see Ajay that is never before on screen promises Giriraj.
Veera Samarth is scoring the music. He remembered playing tabla instrument to Bharatha Rathna Bhimsen Joshi and invited everyone to offer condolence for the demise of the tower in music.

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