Posted date: 29/September/2010

Scolding the almighty in the first song out of frustration Neena Bhavavantha.....Gangaraju later became Hamsalekha from ‘Prema Loka’ that created a trend with V Ravichandran.

The same Hamsalekha is the second one in South India after maestro Ilayaraja to score music for three films. The beauty and high point of Hamsalekha is that he has penned the songs and scored the music. He has set a permanent note all the music directors how to give prominence to music and lyrics in the film music which most of the music director did not carry out in their profession.

We have music directors like V Manohar, Rajesh Ramanath scoring music for 100 films but Hamsalekha is triple hundred and still going strong.

The national award winning music director for ‘Gana Yogi Panchakshari Gavai’ Hamsalekha music also gave national award for Dr SPB for the Hindustani and Classical song Umandu Gamandu.....

Hamsalekha is like pepperment to the hardcore music lovers from the days of Prema Loka. He has penned over 2500 songs so far in 27 years of his film career.

He was drawn to music by his brother Balakrishna. He learnt western music from Joseph, Karnatak music from Shivaram and now he is with Janapada post graduation degree running Desi School and College in music.

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