Posted date: 31/May/2010

Dayanand the mimicry expert of our state is back after four years gap to Anand Audio after ‘Dayanand Dhamaka’. It was audio cassette now it is VCD ‘Kaami Saami’ with unforgettable Master Hirannaiah in the costume of ‘Thirtharoopu’ tongue lashing dialogues playing pivotal role with Dayanand playing ‘Saami’ that goes without saying it is pointed to ‘Nithyananda Swami’.

In his address Dayanand back from a fall he had at the ‘Super’ launch says we have great respect for Swamijis and only from one the senior achievers also get bad name. Our intention is to say that all Swamijis are not like that and that suspicion in the public mind should go Dayanand urges.

At the start of this project I did rehearsal and for that I did mimicry of Master Hirannaiah which I have not done so far. When I approached the Master he added ten extra lines to one life I have provided to make this one hour 10 minutes VCD. Already NRI’s have asked for 500 VCD’s and in nearby Mumbai there is demand as this ‘Kami Swami’ was reported in the websites.

Taking rest for two months in the hospital mimicry Dayanand has been able to identify standing fans run clock wise and ceiling fans run anti clock wise. That means to say he was able to see up the fan and go one side look at the standing fan. In such a condition he has written a play on the corruption which he will be taking up shortly. The earlier visit of Dayanand to USA that made him to wait for five hours in the airport doing nothing came up from him in a funny way.

Anand Audio Mohan takes an oath that all the 12000 piracy operators in Karnataka take one audio CD original one he would buy all the film audio rights. He is happy for the come back of Dayanand to his audio house.

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