Posted date: 28/May/2010

Like the ‘Bandhana’ song ‘Noorondhu Nenapu’, it is Noorentu Nenapu for the viewers from ‘Ithalakkadi’ the first film in the Indian film history to showcase 108 actors in a big canvas by regional film makers in Kannada – MG Ramamurthy, Boja Raja Rai, Bullet Prakash and JG Krishna via ‘Chitra Kuteera’ label.

At the get together party of the film Bullet Prakash the soft skin and equally soft at heart declared that he made a humble request and everyone came with love. ‘Preethi Snehadha Sanketha’ is ‘Ithalakkadi’ he identified the attendance of 108 artists. It was like a ‘Mini Amrutha Mahotsava’ for him. He is having ‘Ithalakkadi’ fare all over Karnataka to get the right attention for the film.

Tabla Naani another rib tickler on Kannada screen says there are ‘Pancha Pandavas’ type heroes – Trailblazer V Ravichandran, action hero Vijay, comedy hero 100 plus films Jaggesh, stylish Sudeep and prolific actor Vijaya Raghavendra. 8 artists idhre samasye, 108 artists idhre samasyene Agilla he concludes his speech.

Thriller is thrilled for two things. One for the song in which Neethu has danced with V Ravichandran and the other one is the action block he handled with action hero muscleman Vijay.

Dharama danced in this film with 23 other heroes. It is not new to him as he began his career as dance director.

Buxom beauty Neethu came with Kadu Mallige tied to her spread hair is feeling pride every now and then for appearing with dream merchant V Ravichandran in ‘Ithalakkadi’.

Producer MG Ramamurthy and his team members are taking a tour across the state in a bus.

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