Olave Mandara 2 About true love
Posted date: 24 Sun, Sep 2023 10:14:08 AM

Movie: Olave Mandara 2 (Kannada)

Director: S R Patil

Cast: Sanath, Prajna Bhatt, Anupa Satish, Bhavya, Dingri Nagaraj.

Duration: 110 minutes

Certificate: UA

Rating: Two and half out of five


Director S R Patil of this movie deserves appreciation for coming up with an interesting script, especially the climax. The drawback of the movie is too many dialogues and insipid discussions among the hero and his friends.

The movie opens with Druthi (Anupa Satiah), a software company employee, getting ready in front of a mirror.  Her friends come to her house. They insist on telling about her lover Arya (Sanath). She narrates how she has tried to come closer to Arya and how the latter tried to keep her at arm`s length. They demand Druthi to tell why Arya refused her proposal.


Meanwhile, the director introduces a flashback narrating how Arya was leading life happily at his native with his grandfather, mother, sister, and friends. How Arya fell in love with MLA Rajanna’s daughter Bhoomi (Prajna Bhatt) and how she ended her life by suicide. What happens to Arya and Druthi is what Olave Mandara 2 is all about.

Though the script is very good, director S R Patil failed to make the actors follow the script.


As far as the performance of the actors is concerned, Sanath has made attempts to showcase his acting skills. He is seen roaming on a bullet vehicle as if he has no other better work. Both heroines - Prajna Bhatt and Anupama Satish - are cute but look too short in front of the hero. Bhavya, who played the hero`s mother, provided good support. Dingri Nagaraj, who played the Live Lingappa, provides comedy. Music and cinematography are not up to the mark.

All in all, it is worth watching for those who want to know the value of true love.

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