Posted date: 27/May/2009

Had he told me that Tamil superstar Rajanikanth is appearing in the Tamil version of ‘Aptha Mithra’ that is ‘Chandramukhi’ I would have earned crores of money as rights and of course a portion of it to would have gone to the ‘Mani Chitrathal’ the original Malayalam film. But director of P.Vasu secretly took even the rights of ‘Mani Chitrathal’ where as I took it for just Rs.60000. P Vasu kept on dodging and he never mentioned till Rajanikanth signed for ‘Chandramukhi’ and ‘Aptha Mithra’ here showed good results. I was upset with the attitude of director P.Vasu – Dwarakish dashed this statement when he was speaking to the media at the ‘Eshtu Nagthi Nagu’ media briefing last week.

I might have taken up Rajanikanth starring ‘Chandramukhi’ and earned nearly 100 crores of rupees. I am not new to taking up such challenges in life. All these things did not happen because of director P.Vasu. I agree that my relation with him was not good at the fag end of the ‘Aptha Mithra’ but the original producer kept in dark to make booty out of it is a wrong step.

It is because of ‘Aptha Mithra’ P Vasu got a series of offers in Tamil and he is today demanding not less than Rs.4 crores.

Dwarakish once again thanking his fortune that got opened after 18 years feels sigh of high relief now. The participation of hero is zero today. They only increase their bank balance and never make an introspection Dwarakish lashed at Jayanagar area superstar.

Earlier the producer was respected and in my own cases a series of suitcases full of money was coming as advance. Who is coming today to rescue the producer? He is left alone stranded after investing a few crores on the film Dwarakish curse the fate of today.

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