Posted date: 25/December/2008

The year 2008 bad patch in the industry startled many mainly for the shoot out made by producer Goverdhana Murthy in his farm house. A series of discontentment in the year even perturbed the journalists.

We give you a detail gist of controversies in 2008.

• The first controversy of the year is Duniya producer T.P.Siddaraju lashing out at actor Vijay his brother in law. I would not ask his call sheet or admit him when he comes to do a film in my banner he said.
• Producer T.P.Siddaraju has decided to teach a lesson to Arjun Audio – Girish and Sunder because they have not given the ‘Duniya’ audio rights amount. Retaliation to it Siddaraju has started Akshay audio once again.
• Zee TV shot back in a letter that the television right price offered is not so much for ‘Preethi Eke Bhoomi Melidhe’. It is a ‘NDA’ – non disclosure agreement it said. The reported amount published is Rs.1.08 crores but the actual payment made is Rs.51 lakhs sources say.
• 13th January - Do not ask anything from government for borrowed ‘Panche and Meese’ IM Vittala Murthy hits out at remake film makers. Form ‘Kannada Kendritha Neethi’ for giving subsidy to Kannada films says Baraguru. Fix a deadline do not punish those who are already in to remake films says KCN Chandrasekhar – FFI Vice President.
• RATHNAJA – on poor reviews – Vimarshakathe Avashyakathe nanagilla, they write from head via pen do not ask their hearts. Do not see reviews and come to Honganasu film. Take opinion from those who have seen and then come to films – in TV 9 interview
• 28th January 2008 – ‘Halli Hakkiya Haadu’ written by former minister H.Vishwanath contained the love affair between Maharashtra governor S.M.Krishna and actress Dr.B.Saroja Devi in the younger days has triggered a major controversy. Book release in Mysore was stalled. Smt.Prema Krishna agreed to the proposal of marriage of her husband in the younger days with Dr. Devi. Dr Devi leaves it to God to teach a lesson to such writers who malign the images.
• 11th February 2008 – GANESH marriage turned out to be very sudden. The background of his wife Shilpa a divorcee created ripples, the fans threatened to commit suicide – it was marriage in the night on 11th Feb.
• 14TH February 2008 – Bundh planned in favor of remake films getting tax exemption – later it was shifted to 28th February – a day before to it the Bundh was cancelled.
• 6th March – R.V.Venkatappa producer of ‘Ganga Cauvery’ v/s director of the film Vishnukanth – RV Venkatappa said Vishnukanth is useless. Cameraman Venu and Purushottam have done major work after coming back from Bangkok
• Tara cried at the above press meet – remembering the allegation made by Vishnukanth.
• 10th March 2008 – four producers – Chandrasekhar of Bindhaas, Ramesh Yadav of Krishna, Dayal Padmanabhan of ‘Gaalipata’, and Srinivasamurthy of ‘Gaja’ – rounded off the pirated DVD seller of their films. FIR lodged at HSR layout police station limits.
• Jalsa Telugu film coming in excess prints created furor. Vijayakumar distributor of the film resigned KFCC post.
• Ramesh producer of SIL condemned KFCC, SV Rajendra Singh Babu asked where is KFCC at Buddivantha press meet.
• 5-03-2008 ‘Yamini’ muhuruth at Rajarajeshwari Nagar in Bangalore Jolly Bastin turns director, Santosh Cauvery producer and Phaniraj producers – Pooja Gandhi, Gurunandan, Dr.Raja Vijaykumar, Sri Ravi, music –Robin Gurang, camera – P Rajan – this film folded up in the evening – producer and director difference of opinion. This film was stopped after muhuruth – Jolly bastin with new producer Satish Babu and Vishal Hegde as hero started the new film ‘Ninagagi Kadhiruve’
• PRODUCER GOVERDHAN MURTHY SHOOTS ACTOR VINODKUMAR AT HIS FARM HOUSE – He escaped from the scene but was found after three days in Kerala. Case is going on now.
• It is alleged that actor producer and director Madan Patel showed pistol to senior news photographer – KN Nageshkumar for the comment he passed on his film ‘Heegu Unte’ the film that faced crashing defeat later.
• In another case director Jolly Bastin showed pistol in a room to one of the actors of his new film.
• Patre Loves Padma director Chandrasekhar Srivatsav created controversy by rubbing shoulders with media.
• AT Lokesh and TP Siddaraju case in the court on financial matter.
• Moggina Manasu in censor battle, films like Maadesha, Mandakini….
• Mandakini producer BK Srinivas said he is not going to produce films here after. He is sick of the director and censor.
• Rajendra Singh Babu pulling K Balachander name – he has also done remakes…..
• The tussle with Ashok Kheni - Indrajith Lankesh arrested and let on bail.
• Kabbaddi – Kishore appearing in similar film in Tamil ‘Venilla Kabbaddi Boys’ created controversy.
• Poli title was opposed by Smt.Parvathamma Rajakumar and later kept as Raj The Showman.
• Nirudhyogi actress Nikitha was sent out on the muhuruth day.
• Sangathi – hero and producer hits out at director Srinivasaraju on two occasions.
• E Sambashane – Haripriya not invited to press briefing and audio release function kicked up a row.
• Prem Kahani – the subject controversy stale mate continues.
• Who is the owner of the script of Circus Kannada film? It went up to KFCC. S.Mahender to get Rs.1.50 lakh as compensation - Fine of Rs.25000 imposed on director Dayal Padmanabhan.
• SIFCC DECISION HASTY – K.C.N.CHANDRASEKHAR - The two times former President of South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce K.C.N.Chandrasekhar says the decision to suspend all the Karnataka segment members from South Indian Film Chamber of commerce is hasty and uncalled for.
• April – 2008 - I WILL NOT APOLIGISE – RAJANIKANTH – HE HAS TO KANNADA LEADERS - “For the mistake I have not done I will not ask apology”. Adhu Sadhyave Illa. ‘Vadhakvanda’ I used for the trouble mongers who burn buses and disturb the public life both in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. I said the people should teach them a lesson. I have not made any statement that Kannadigas should be beaten. This is depressing for me. I have made a clear statement. I am not a dullard or an idiot to say five crores of Kannadigas should be beaten – The Tamil superstar locked in controversy says like this in his address in KANNADA sitting at his Pois Garden house in Chennai. In case if I have to ask to apology the seniors in Kannada industry like Smt.Parvathamma Rajakumar, Ambarish, Dr.Vishnuvardhana, Dr.Girish Karnad and K.S.Ashwath should say that I should ask apology. Then I will do so said Rajanikanth.

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