Posted date: 19/January/2011

The lucky heroine of most of the Kannada film producers Pooja Gandhi the ‘Mungaru Male’ actress has been very cooperative on the remuneration aspect and she has to get more than Rs.20 lakhs as balance is now in news again.
It is not because any of the film of Pooja Gandhi is a super hit. Long time she has given a hit. Pooja Gandhi is a super hit heroine in the Kannada cinema market.
In the name of Pooja Gandhi several personalities have raised funds for the making of the film – that is the demand of the heroine is a good sign.
But here is an example of Balu the actor and director of ‘Anu’ that starred Pooja Gandhi. According to Gandhinagar gossip Balu announcing the name of Pooja Gandhi as heroine for his ‘Mesthri’ film convinced the financier. But at the muhurut the financier who has committed came to know that Pooja Gandhi is not the heroine but Rani.
The financier who wants to remain anonymous is saying he has stopped the finance for the film. That is obvious because further continuing with the film would put him in doldrums.
Another source related to this film explained that the clever financier had made an agreement for the TV rights sale amount in his name.
Now the thing is very clear. Pooja Gandhi has not lost demand for her charisma!


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