Posted date: 7/August/2010

A daring heroine from Bollywood Poorna has come to Kannada cinema in ‘Yuva Samrat’. She is highly educated and raring to go high as she possesses wonderful attitudes.

An engineering graduate in Electronics worked in TCS for two and half years fulfilled the dreams of her import and export father Natarajan and teacher mother Padma this petite heroine Poorna has already made name in the ad world and played a tomboyish role in her debut film in Hindi ‘Tees Pakka’ – which means 30 percent of Aruna Irani production.

Poorna knows a little bit of Kannada and she has the competitor in the home her sister Asiwharya as for as watching films are concerned.

Poorna is popular in Mumbai PVR. She gets phone calls from PVR whenever Tamil films come for screening. She has watched Sivaji of Rajanikanth for 15 times. Very fond of Suriya and Vijay this lady from Mumbai has roots in Tirunveli in Tamil Nadu. She does not miss out any Tamils. The recent ‘Thillangadi’ also she watched. In Kannada she has already watched Puneeth Rajakumar films.

Poorna ad world has already brought her fame. She is in spiker jeans, Big Bazar ads. Earlier she was in Lux ad with Asin the top actress today.

I have fulfilled to some extent the dreams of my parents and now they have to fulfill my dreams is the expression of this intelligent Poorna.

Like in her debut Hindi film Poorna is playing a revolutionary role in the Kannada film ‘Yuva Samrat’. I am not doing the running around trees role she says laughingly this Brahmin Iyer girl.

From ad world to filmdom this brainy and beauty Poorna says film has wide canvas and identity is also bigger she says.

Among all heroines in Hindi Poorna like Priyanka Chopra and says she is open for good roles and it should be immensely liked by the audience is the top priority says Poorna.

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