Posted date: 7/March/2009

The young boy of Kannada cinema Prajwal Devaraj is turning a ‘Super Man’’ from this film. He shows how supreme is love. There is a stiff competition with his lover Radhika Pandit on the height of loving in life! Who wins is left to anyone guess but what the feat is achieved is interesting to watch from the first time director Prabha.

This is made in love. I am a fan of Raghu Dixit especially the song Gudi Gudiya…. This film has no image of ‘Super Boy’ of ‘Super Man’. It is just a love story with a lot of variation. My father told me not to act but just be self. Prajwal Devaraj explained in his address and introduced the shy director Prabhakar who is Prabha.

Love is ever lasting. It has no time limit. It is more than 50 years or more in many cases. It is definitely short lived. The heroine Radhika Pandit is a musician. There is a sort of competition between Prajwal and Raghika on the truthful love. Who shows more love is also another aspect in the film.

Raghu Dixit the man in demand is scoring eight songs for this film in which five are written by Raghavendra Kamath the rising lyricist of Kannada cinema. Raghu is introducing Vishal (of Vishal Shekar duo) for the title song of this film and he is also using the Chamber orchestra for the film. after liking the story I accepted the music for this film said Raghu Dixit the current sensational singer and composer in Kannada cinema ever since ‘Psycho’. There will not be Madesha..son flavor. I am singing two songs in different pitch he said.

The beautiful looking Radhika Pandit of ‘Moggina Manasu’ is playing lead in this interesting film. There is a good splash of story line. Who love how much is interesting part says Radhika. However I am supportive to the hero she disclosed.

Producer Chandrasekhar who was associated with ‘Neenyare’ with Varada Reddy is independently producing this Rs.3 crore cinema ‘Super Man’. We are erecting very expensive five sets and going to Switzerland informed Chandrasekhar.

Challenging star Darshan came to the muhurut to wish young colleague Prajwal Devaraj. Prajwal Devaraj’s father dynamic hero Devaraj sounded the clap board for the first shot at Sri Venkateshwara Temple at Srinagara.

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