Posted date: 15/August/2010

Prakash Rai to Kannada Prakash Raj elsewhere has produced another movie in Tamil ‘Inidhu Inidhu’ that is carbon copy o super hit Telugu film ‘Happy Days’ that was made in Kannada as ‘Jolly Days’.

Speaking to media persons on the pre release of the film (slated for release on 20th of this month) Prakash Raj said out of 2000 students application from different places like Thiruchi, Madurai and Coimbatore he picked 51 college going boys and girls. The four years of students life is dealt in this film ‘Inidhu Inidhu’ that means ‘Sweat Sweat’. The sweetness of younger generation is the focus in this film.

Prakash Raj had taken the rights of Telugu film ‘Happy Days’ and found it successful and the ad he had seen of Manipal College made his mind to make this film in Tamil. There is a good message and responsibility the film focus on youths is very essential aspect. The Khama, Prema, winning, losing are through the different characters in this film. Vimal, Aditya, Narayan, Sharan, Priya, Venaz, Ajay and others are in the cast.

KV Guhan the cameraman turns director from this film.

Prakash Raj next is ‘Gaganam’. I was looking for ‘Vedhike’ in my younger days and I am now ‘Vedhike’ platform for others today - happy news for me says the national award winning actor.

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