Posted date: 19/August/2010

Another bunch of youngsters director Keerthivardhana producer cum hero Harish with only popular heroine Raani of Baaji, Parole, Raaji and Naliyona Bara (two are yet to release) launching ‘Ithihasa’ with the backdrop of Naxalism and of course the popular quotient of Love.

Director Keerthivardhana says nothing but one thing. The hero has a firm goal to do something. He has not studied Naxal activities but the hero will be tagged as Naxal because he lives in the village he informed.

Showing the past and present to the audience is very important you know. We are attempting at it says hero cum producer Harish.

Actress Rani looking still more beautiful than the days of Parole Kannada film has explained what the director was supposed to do. I hail from the middle class and helping out the hero but not aware of what usage he is making. Later I realize that I have done wrong thing but the protagonist make me to realize that he is right in his activities.

Joseph M Peter not present is scoring music and only local talent will be used for singing was the promise that came. Shekar and Girish are co producers. Cinetech Soori of ‘Patre Love Padma’ is the man behind camera. He has three important blocks – city, village and forest to showcase in his camera.

Kiran the marketing consultant did not come out clear on his association with the film ‘Ithihasa’. Later when he was pressed for his activity he said he has plans to sell the tickets of this film via Mahila Samajas. Kiran associated with ‘Ku Ku’…..but business plans did not work out he said.

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