Posted date: 7/November/2010

A Muslim community debutant director Zia Ullah Khan has chosen the title ‘Pravadhi’ means there is no need to feel apprehensive about it. More over the KFCC has approved the title.

On Saturday noon the title of the film ‘Pravadhi’….Some Vidhana Badhalavane….was unveiled by music director cum director V Manohar, Mandip Rai, Ramesh Bhat. The film is on the legend called Shanker Nag. The stalwart Shanker Nag will be brought in graphics and it is the ambition of producer Bhairava Suresh. New aspect always he was vouching in his life. I am not interested in routine kind of films he says.

Producer Anaji Nagaraj is once again banking on the ability of youngster Zia Ullah Khan. This is the project got retuned since three years. Showcasing the actor director Shanker Nag in the film via graphic technology is for the first time in the Indian film industry opined Anaji Nagaraj.

Zia Ullah Khan starting in the camp of AR Babu (Ghouse Mohammad) 13 years ago in the film ‘Zee Boomba’ has worked in the assistant directors team of Subash Ghai. He was associated with ‘Monsoon…Indian English film.

The one who gives Sandesha from God is ‘Deva Dhootha’ that is ‘Pravadhi’ said Zia and he preferred to call the media persons as ‘Chitra Dhootharu’. He took education at Siddaganga Math and came up in a hard way in his life.

Veteran journalist Ganesh Kasargod lauded the work and fire in the director Zia Ullah Khan. He remembered the book ‘Nenapinangaladalli Shanker Nag’ getting printed again and again. The popularity of Shanker Nag has not come down he felt.

Ramesh Bhat, Mandip Rai, Srinagara Kitty, V Manohar, Nagashekar, Nagkiran, Kari Subbu, Imran Sardaria, Pramod Chakravarthy, AR Babu and others were present.
Neethu the beautiful actress did the anchor job at the announcement of the title of the film. She is also a part of the acting department in the film ‘Pravadhi’…

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