Posted date: 12/June/2009

Instead of cinema making the colleges that are related to cinema making are more profitable and safer opined Prakash Belawadi the director of 7th year Frame workshop organized by Abhinaya Tharanga headed by A.S.Murthy and his daughter Gauri Dhathu. Belwadi disclosed that acting on stage is entirely different from film and television. In his long speech Belawadi did not forget to add that this year students of ‘Frame’ would get to know the technicalities of film making.

Abhinaya firstly comes from the ones way of living. It is not ‘Rakthagatha but Manogatha’ Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar opined. He advised the students of Frame to update work hard and educate. Like how Nalli and Bus repair needs qualification the cinema and television action also needs some qualification. Be preparing for ‘Avamana’ and ‘Abhinaya’ is 24x7 ‘Echcharikeyannu Savaal Aagi Sweekarasi’ Nagthi felt.

The Kannada and Culture department Secretary Jayaramaraje Urs focusing on the bad situation of Kannada films said the lack of attention and urge are the reasons for it. The present crisis the Kannada cinema industry did not face in the past. He agreed there is no proper infrastructure and cinema halls are also not adequate he pointed. As a secretary I would look in to that the grant for Abhinaya Tharanga is given without fail promised Urs.

Training is not compulsory but it helps in knowing things. It stops the irritation of director and saves the money of the producer. What is required for an actor is passion felt director Dhayal.

Eminent director Prem disclosed the incident of a new actor from stage from Hubli who did wonders in acting opposite Puneeth Rajakumar in ‘Raj The Showman’.

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