PREMAM POOJYAM SPECTACULAR – Tragic love story, Score 4.5/5 ****
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Duration – 173.44 minutes, Category – Tragic love story, Score – 4.5/5

Title - PREMAM POOJYAM, Direction – Dr BS Raghavendra, Music and lyrics – Dr BS Raghavendra, Cinematography – Naveen Kumar, Cast – Lovely star Premkumar, Brinda Acharya, Anand, Sadhu Kokila, Aindrita Ray, Avinash, Malavika, Suman, Anu Prabhakar, TS Nagabharana, Chitkala Biradar and others.

It is `DOCTORS DAY OUT` This film lifts the prestige of the Kannada cinema industry to higher levels. Dr Ambarish hearing the story first was perfectly right that narration on screen should be as given by Dr BS Raghavendra – it is such a classic film in the annals of Kannada cinema industry. Salutations to 28 doctors for backing the newest pride of Kannada cinema industry Dr BS Raghavendra, a multifaceted distinct personality!

Dr BS Raghavendra as writer, director, lyricist, music director richly deserves laurels. Like how he was punter in his studies and medical profession, he has proved superbly and moved 10 steps ahead in direction. The making of this film is a fine study subject for the film aspirants.

Look at the lines he had written in 12 songs of this film. All are of high standards. Dr BS Raghavendra is undoubtedly the biggest asset of our Kannada cinema industry. First attempt shouldering multiple responsibilities he has shown his strength and has an excellent future in the cinema profession. His compositions are terrific and all songs have great values. Right from the title track `Premam Poojyam`to  Vaidhyo Narayana Hari…Dr BS Raghavendra`s outstanding work is pretty good in music and lyrics. His song is sure to bag a few awards like how is eligible for laurels for his film in other areas.

He has surrounded the cinema `Premam Poojyam` with his profession of medicines and introduced a few medical terms not known to common audiences.

PREMAM POOJYAM is a `Parama Poojyam` cinema indeed. The mixing of emotions, love, comedy, tragedy, values of human life, friendship, obedience etc displayed on the silver screen in 173 minutes. The only lacunae of this film are the length. The film targeted youth and why doctors of this film have not studied the patience of today`s youths!

Sri Hari (Premkumar) from Mandya district is a very strong youth with dedication and discipline. He does not disprove the thoughts of his parents in his studies although he falls in love with Sherlyn (Brinda Acharya). Love is divine and it should be respected is the policy of Srihari. He does not even touch Sherlyn in his immense love for him. He is not depressed that his love is a failure. He controls his emotions and reaches the heights in the medical profession as DM of Cardiology with high ranking. The beauty of this film is that Srihari does not touch the heroine but Sherlyn gives a small pat from her umbrella at one place to Srihari.

Sherlyn on the other hand a Roman catholic in religion is doubtful of her parents agreeing to her love for Srihari. Her father Alfred (Avinash) supports but unfortunately he dies in an accident and that is a major boulder shock for Sherlyn. She is not in a position to convince her mother (Malavika Avinash) and the LOVE is lost.

What happens to Srihari in his profession as a great cardiologist is interesting factor, whether he meets Sherlyn again in life, how he tries to balance the emotions, the friendship of Srihari with Ranju (Anand) and Thalaiva (Sadhu Kokila) all comes up again after the college days.

Lovely star Premkumar is at his best. In Seven shades, he has given his career best performance. He may not get this kind of film in his career. The 20 years change over in his role is spectacular. He deserves a few awards for this film.

Sherlyn played by Brinda Acharya is beautiful and she has a great screen presence. In her debut, she has caught hold of an extremely talented team to work with. She has delivered brilliantly.

There is outstanding performance from Anand (earlier Master Anand), he is lively, caring and got a wonderful film for his comeback. Sadhu Kokila as ‘Thalaiva’ (Rajakumar and Rajanikanth fan) gives some lighter moments but his portions deserve trimming.

Naveen Kumar is another Ustaad of this film. Every frame is like painting and gives a Waav feeling. Naveen Kumar excellence is admirable and standards are international in quality.

This is a family film, youths connect to this film and a strong message ‘Life is important not Love’ is to be obediently followed.

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