Posted date: 21/August/2009

The bold and beautiful actress Priya Hassan who took the risk of directing the film ‘Jambada Hudugi’ when Seetharam Karanth left in the middle of the movie direction is now tapping the doors of justice for the alleged negligence on the part of the State Subsidy Committee.

‘Jambada Hudugi’ is the first Kannada film to focus on the womb transplantation. It is only after this film based on late Nanjundappa novel in London a mother donated her womb to her daughter that was reported in the science page of Deccan Herald.

Catching up before the science thought of it Priya Hassan missed the state award but even the subsidy of Rs.10 lakhs is also denied for her film.

Questioning why the subsidy has been rejected and reasons for declaring the subsidy she has approached the court on Wednesday morning and on Thursday the court advised the government of Karnataka to give explanation. Now it is the duty of the state information department to give guidelines on what grounds the subsidy has been granted for Kannada films.

Priya Hassan alleged that ‘A’ certificate films have been given subsidy and despite of having all the qualities her film has been rejected.

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