Posted date: 7/December/2010

The days for the regular stuff for films are over. Now we have to move around nook and corner of Karnataka to fetch fresh subject that would relate to the people by talking to them. This is what experimented in adjacent states and found successful with novel threads for the film.

The same experiment producer A Ganesh has already attempted. He goes to places like Hubli and Dharwad to hear the story for the film. The people are given free hand to convince subjects for him. A Ganesh is successful in getting four subjects from his three times travel to Hubli and surrounding places. He has met the veterans on stage who have performed 1800 to 3800 shows of popular plays. At one of his meetings he had come across the 10 lakh cassette sale of Jhankar Company that is narrated in the story format.

My future thought is on picking subjects from the rural Karnataka says Ganesh.

Ganesh finishing the ‘Dhandam Dashagunam’ is arranging for audio release of the film on 31st December in a posh area.

Meanwhile the first bilingual a horror film from producer Ganesh is staring on 8th of December. His brother A Jagadish is directing the film and this is his debut. In the cast of this horror movie are Ramesh Aravind and another popular star. It is titled as ‘Maaya’ and in 60 days shoot the film will be completed and maximum of graphic work are part of this film. The film has the shades of a television program ‘Chair’.

For Graphic work of his ‘Maaya’ producer Ganesh is going to London for technological addition to his film.

A Ganesh also owner of Outdoor unit promises that he would go for original scripts in future rather than banking on borrowing themes from other languages.

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