Posted date: 9/March/2011

The Kannada singers to take part in the ‘Sugama Sangeetha Sanje’ of roughly one hour at Vishwa Kannada Sammelana were announced Rs.15000 payment for every singer initially. They are now getting from Rs.30000 to Rs.1 lakh for their renderings of one or two songs on 11th of March, inaugural day at Belgaum.
It may be recalled the Kannada singers – Shimoga Subbanna, Rathnamala Prakash, YK Muddukrishna, Archana Udupa, Ajay Warier, Jogi Sunitha and a few others were allotted Rs.15000 each for the participation in the musical evening.
When the above singers came to know outside singers Dr SPB (how is possible to consider him outside singer) given Rs.11 lakhs, Khailash Kher Rs.9 lakhs, Drummer Shivamani Rs. 9 lakhs, Dr Balamuralikrishna Rs.3 lakhs for the musical programs they got irked and protested for paltry payment.
The other two participants at the cultural evenings are Dr Suma Sudheendra who is appearing with 100 Veenas. She is given Rs.3 lakhs and danseuse Pratibha Prahallad is allotted Rs.9 lakhs. Why not dream girl Hema Malini free of cost as she got elected from Karnataka to Rajya Sahba – it did not strike the government at the election time!
That protest of course results in pay hike for Kannada singers. One thing is that Lahari Recording Company is bringing 3000 songs 50 pack CD ‘Hachcheve Kannada Deepa’. All the Kannada singers mentioned above songs are included in that ‘Hachchevu Kannada Deepa’.
You know the cost of one song of ‘Hachchevu Kannada Deepa’ – it is just one rupee! The payment ranging from Rs.30000 to Rs.1 lakh is given for Kannada singers whereas the better quality is available at one rupee of the singers.
However the three days event of Vishwa Kannada Sammelana is Rs.30 crore event – each day it cost Rs.10 crores for the government of Karnataka coffers!

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