Posted date: 19/June/2010

This is the first triangular love story film I am doing? Is this the first time you are doing a poor girl on screen?

The first statement without asking was made by Rekha the ‘Jhinkemari’! The second question was asked by the media.

The actress with left hemisphere thinking Rekha shot back to a simple question have you not seen my movies in the past? For a question there was a question. Instead of putting down the films she expected the media to know what kind of role she had done in the past. After all who wants to remember is the practical question that did not reached her ears. I have done ‘Bada Hudugi’ role in Hucha and Hettare Hennane Herabeku….later Rekha replied.

Now coming to ‘Prema Chandrama’ the gate pass given to lovely star Premkumar well two days in advance was lapped up by Raghu Mukerjee who is for sure not free to take up but ready to grab. Raghu Mukerjee had four commercial ads; he was out of station when this offer came. So he made ‘Savari’ to this film assignment.

Premkumar himself opted out was unanimously told by all the four producers of ‘Prema Chandrama’ – Jagadish, Ganesh, G Krishnappa and Sunilkumar Shindhe.

‘Prema Chandrama’ is a woman oriented cinema. The two stars – Raghu and Kiran whom Rekha will select is the crux of the film. Every woman has to see this film insisted director Shahuraj Shinde who directed ‘Snehana Preethina and ‘Arjun’.

Raghu Mukerji has two shades in his role that he has not done. It is contrast to ‘Savaari’. It is a responsible role says Rekha who depend on her elder sister in life. I was an amateur so far on screen but responsibility has come from this film. I am a doctor bit jovial too said Kiran of ‘Haage Summane’.

‘Prema Chandrama’ will be shot in Bangalore, Mysore, Sakleshpur and final print will be ready with Rs.2.5 investment.

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