Posted date: 3/March/2009

The Tamil Super star the style king Rajanikanth went down the memory lane and wished to act in ‘Dhalavayi Muddanna’ (warrior from Karnataka) role if God permits in his life. He expressed his fascination to novels than the school books in his younger days when he came up to speak at the second day of ‘Amrutha Mahotasava’ of Kannada cinema at Gayathri Vihar Palace on Monday evening.

I was reading lot of novels in my early days in Bangalore. Still the character ‘Dhalavayi Mudhanna’ is very attractive in my life. Tharasu, Triveni novels are wonderful. The devotional roles of Dr.Rajakumar in Santha Thukaram, Purandaradasa etc is even more attractive for me in my life. It made me to have ‘Bhakthi’ in my life. Likewise the ferocious roles (Rowdravathara) also touched after seeing the films of Mahishasura Mardhini, Rakthaksha and Virupaksha in ‘Sathi Shakthi’ Ranadheera Kanteerava the two different dimensions. The dialogues of ‘Rakthaksha and Veerupaksha’ are thrilling experience. The Puttannaji films Sharapanjara, Gejje Pooje, Bellimoda and other films like Vamsha Vruksha, Chomana Dudi…..Rajani went on mentioning his early day films.

While Rajanikanth was expressing his interest in the role of ‘Dhalavayi Mudhanna’ another actor on stage Prakash Rai went to a flash back it seemed. Director T.S.Nagabharana had made even the costume preparation for ‘Dhalavayi Mudhanna’ Kannada film starring Prakash Rai in the lead role a few years ago. The producer of that film Narayanaswamy backed out of the film shelved the project.

I saw the first movie in my life ‘Makkala Rajya’ in Kannada and ‘Veera Pandya Kattabomman’ in Tamil. Even today I say to Kannada film makers to take up more novels. Kannada Sahitya has further more for the films. Maralu Sarapani of Tharasu is worth making a film. I read Tharasu novel Kambani Kuyilu, Rakthaksha four times….Rajani explained his collections in his memory. The novels I read more than school books helped me a lot and interest in literature increased in me.

35 years ago I did not thought that I would be a part of this ‘Amrutha Mahotsava’. This is my Bhagya given by God. For this 75 years of Kannada cinema the strength and effort plus the admiration should be remembered. Person like Dr.Rajakumar who increased the fascination of film goers from lakhs to crores of viewers! We have to remember Annavru. I definitely miss him. Persons like Kalyankumar, Udayakumar, Gubbi veeranna, BR Panthulu I remember many such persons on this occasion said Rajani in a simple style.

Rajani agreed to the statement made by his colleague and competitor Kamal Hassan yesterday. Filmdom is like a pond. It is not an ocean like politics. Pond waters should not be disturbed. Allow us to live like brothers and sisters he said.

Nanna Manasaare Namaskara. In the entire speech of Rajanikanth the Tamil language did not creep in. While Kamal Hassan made a trick by saying he is reading Kannada written in Tamil in his address for which Ramesh Aravind had helped him. Rajanikanth speech was spontaneous and there was no written document with him. Rajani’s speech looked more natural than Kamal Hassan.

The Tamil Superstar Rajanikanth was later garlanded by a Mysore Mallige, a shawl and silver plaque was also presented to him for his early days in Kannada cinema.

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