Posted date: 25/April/2011

Rajanna 83 and Sachin Tendulkar is 38 - One living legend and another after demise also legend in the hearts of millions of people in Karnataka. Annavru was a great cricket fan and Sachin Tendulkar showed his exemplary nature on his birthday April 24 by playing the T20 match with a great sorrow of Sri Sai Baba demise. Even after doing the ‘Upavasa’ for the demise of 86 years legend Sai Baba, Sachin Tendulkar heading the Mumbai Indians won against the Deccan Chargers at Hyderabad T20 series.
No doubt that the departed God man Saibaba with supernatural powers and meeting the lakhs of people worries is also a living legend.
It is such a coincidence that the birthday of Annavru and Sachin Tendulkar plus the death day of Sri Saibaba all on the same day.
Legends are like that. Even in the case of ‘Annavru’ there are so many anecdotes that match the other two legends. Dr Rajakumar with his yogic powers achieved great heights and in mid 80’s he had the ‘Darshan of Lord Venkateshwara’ in his sleep. He lived as Sri Raghavendra Swamy too from ‘Mantarlaya Mahatme’. The one and the only person in this universe Dr Rajakumar was able to take on the pains given by rascal Veerappan. It is just not one or two days or a few weeks. It is 108 days of struggle for Annavru which no one in this earth could have sustained.
On Sunday 24th April the family members of Dr Rajakumar came to the memorial in Kanteerava Studios. A small cake was cut by the trio sons – Shiv, Rag and Puneeth. A huge cake was cut by grand children of Dr Rajakumar. The trio sons of Dr Rajakumar donated blood on this occasion. Hundreds of fans also followed the trios.
It was a beautiful flower arrangement at the Samadhi and fans came in thousands to take part in ‘Rajanna Janumadina’. The mass feeding was also arranged on this occasion. More than 2500 persons were fed on this occasion.
Prominent personalities of Kannada cinema industry took part at the Raj Janumadina. The Karnataka government celebration at ‘Raj Jayanthi’ was held in low key at Ravindra Kalakshetra. The Karnataka Chief Minister left to Puttaparthi to pay respect to the one and only Sri Sai Baba.
In Shimoga 83 kilograms of cake was cut at Gopi Circle by Bangaradha Manushya Rajakumar Abhimanigala Sangha. The cake was later distributed to fans. The 83 kilos cake was five feet breadth and 2.5 feet thickness.
Unforgettable Annavrige www.chitratara.com Namaskara, Sri Sai Baba departure is a big void. Sachin Tendulkar the king of Cricket happy birthday once again.


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