Posted date: 6/August/2008

Quiet, immersed in films, knowledgeable, hard working, never mind of hits of flops, intends to do 1000 films and keep reviewers busy, I do what I think is right mentality – who is this? That is Ram Gopal Verma who claims that he has come up in life from slum background was batting mild harsh and cozy bouncers at the promotion of his film ‘Phoonk’ starring Kannada’s stylish actor Sudeep.

We give you some of highlights of the chat we had at Atria Hotel with the ever in news director RGV:

  • I get up at 5.30 am every day and start seeing the films. That is my Suprabhata! In the last 20 years I have not taken holiday.
  • I don’t say people to believe what I say. This is democratic country. Everyone has right to express his own opinion. From my films I am doing just that.
  • I do not believe in superstition or black magic. I don’t want people to believe it. 
  • ‘Phoonk’ is not made for the children. We have used the children in the film but I do say they need see this film.
  • 70 percent of the showing on screen in ‘Phoonk’ is real life incident that I have encountered in life.
  • Supposing a glass is there on the table one can imagine in different ways.
  • Om Shanthi Om honesty is in 6 packs. My honesty is in Sudeep. He is such an intensive actor and his screen presence is too   good.
  • I keep on doing films let people go on talking. Whether it is good or bad is not in my control.
  •  Some one says Nishabd is best and others say Sircar Raj is bad. It does not bother me.
  • I come from a slum background that’s why I do not think very big. Costumes and jewelry lavishness would not touch me.
  • I do not think of next five minutes. Coming five years I do not think.
  • I cannot do a Kannada film. Because the language I don’t know I don’t want to venture.
  • I am doing a film on fugitive Veerappan. I have not decided on the Dr.Rajakumar abduction episode.
  • I have script ready for 15 films. It is like a factory work for me.
  • I am not stupid to get married. I have sister and mother in my family.
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