Posted date: 29 Wed, Sep 2021 10:16:20 AM
The top cop today in Karnataka known for his upright decisions IPS Ravi D Channanavar has a huge fan following. He has obtained great respect. At this time attending his first cinema function – unveiling of Kannada film title ‘Dilpasand’ explained his ‘Dilpasand’ work when he was in teens.

Yes, I was selling black tickets and for the first time I am revealing my past, stated the top cop Ravi D Channanavar. However, this would create ripples and what should be appreciated is making it open his sins.

Ravi D Channanavar arrived for a film function in his 13 years of service. I am also a cinema fan. I have acted in plays and written many stories. Dr Rajakumar`s film ‘Mayoora’ impressed me a lot and taught me the lesson of self respect. I used to sell tickets in black when I was in my first PUC. In Gadag theatres such as Mahalakshmi, Shanthi theatres sold tickets in black. When films like Yajamana, Dil Ka Rishta, Anjali Geethanjali I used to take tickets from Hubballi in black to sell.

I have written stories that are not published. I do not know whether people read books or not but they see films. That is the reason why it is very influential in creating media, he said.
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