Posted date: 18/June/2010

Here is one pretty fast growing action director with 150 films from ‘Nanna Kanasina Hoove’ getting breakthrough from ‘Dharma’ of challenging star Darshan all set to take up a love filled film for direction. That is Ravi Verma. There will be only one action scene. His ‘Boss’ Darshan will be in a guest appearance!

It is because of Darshan I am in this position today. I have even named by son as Darshan. My wife and sisters say only one thing. Do not clash your dates and lose Darshan films!

Why is this complete devotion to challenging star Darshan? Five one and half years I have been roaming with card but it is Darshan who gave me the break. I did not turn back after his support that is continuing even to this day.

Action director Ravi Verma today has composed action scenes for all the heroes of Kannada cinema today. His recent action direction is for Puneeth Rajakumar ‘Jackie’ where he has done an introduction fight, police action and climax portion.

Ravi Verma with three scripts in his mind has one thing in mind. Ready to take any risk for the chilling moments for the audience on screen! The required support and urge is the only requirement he says. It is different ball game in Telugu he says. There is sufficient money and time. For ‘Mahatma’ Telugu film Ravi Verma has used 50 fighter, 500 extras, four cameras and 15 days to shoot the election clash scene. He is now composing action scene for ‘Chalaki’ and earlier worked for ‘Rang the Donga’.

Best of luck action master! Please take care!

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