Posted date: 23/September/2008

Sri Ravishanker Guruji in Kannada cinema is the international news no doubt. A perfect man for perfect project and a universal message as dialogue indeed! One minute on screen, 25 seconds dialogue and dubbing the only one sentence of dialogue for the Kannada film that has a sign ‘…,’ as title – what is the remuneration for this? Not a question to ask.

CM Associates has been able to rope in the world famous Guruji to the unique film. The film by SLN Swamy has completed shooting in 25 days. National award winning actress Thara, Master Hirannaiah, Kaminidharan, Srinivasa Prabhu, Avinash grand son of the one and only Narasimharaju, Padma Vasanthi, Usha Bhandari, Sanjeev Reddy, Chaswa, Ravindranath, Velu sahebru, Dikki Madhav Rao great grand child, Pravin D.Rao, Rammi the heroine, Ambiga Sarangi the hero of the film and technicians of the film ‘…,’

The one who spoke non stop giving a heckling time was director SLN Swamy. He was over excited about his project. He had the feeling that he has conquered the world. That’s OK what the audience would say is also important. A function of 100 days it was looked like even before the film going to post production work was the height of confidence of the director. Has he not learnt that the work should do the talking and not the talking taking the time?

However for Kannada film industry it is a proud moment. Ravishanker Guruji giving consent to appear on the screen is itself a record set straight. Despite of this the entire film is silent with only one line of dialogue is a unique thought.

Every person related to the film of Swamy was interviewed by himself while the producer of CM Associates G.R.Ramesh looked dumb struck on one side of the stage. All of them had a ‘cat walk’ looked very boring.

The clipping of Ravishanker Guruji in the film was shown to the media at The Bell Hotel on Saturday evening.

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