Posted date: 22/November/2010

The history of Kannada cinema big venture ‘Kranthiveera Sangolli Rayanna’ mounted the sets on Friday morning at Kalmata not only had the presence of 5000 plus crowd but the presence of Kodi Mat Swamiji, Opposition leader Siddaramaiah, HK Patil, Veeranna Mathikatti made all the difference.

What is even more touching and scintillating was the maiden shot conversation between Kittur Rani Channama character Dr Jayaprada and Rayanna get up Darshan.

Kranthiveera Sangolli Rayanna has already started capturing many firsts to its credit. For the first time in the history of Kannada cinema Helicam is used for this film says director Naganna. This is besides three cameras on every day shoot. This is in addition to Jymmy Jip and steady camera says Naganna.

We give you the conversation in brief at the muhurut shot that is after the Vijayotsava situation:

Kittur Rani Channamma to Rayanna – You father killed the tiger and saved the royal kingdom. The Sahasa, loyalty and Swabhimana is adorable.

Rayanna to Kittur Rani Channamma – Antha dodda Mathu Beda. Naanu Kitturina Maga…it is my duty.

Channamma to Rayanna – you have been my song….

Rayanna to Chanamma – In the next Janma I wish to be your son….Till my last blood I will be for this Kittur….

Looking at the costume and sequence shot the respected Swamiji of Kodi Math said we have not seen either Rayanna or Channamma – looking at Jayaprada and Darshan we feel satisfied. Jayaprada looks like Veera Rani….Rayanna attire in the photo and now in the costume gives a near feel of real Rayanna the Swamiji lauded the ability of challenging star Darshan.

Another wonder of the muhurut day was when a few people in the crowd told former deputy chief minister and opposition leader Siddaramaiah ‘you have not spoken anything on Rayanna’. Siddaramaiah wonderfully brushed his memory and even told the ancestors names and satisfied on his knowledge about Sangolli Rayanna. Looking at Darshan and Jayaprada in costumes Siddaramaiah profusely praised the two. Darshan is from our place Mysore and he is doing the role of ‘Gandu Meetina Nadu’ valiant warrior role is appreciable. It suits him very well stated Siddaramaiah.

After the Muhuruth at Kalmata that is 45 kilometers away from Belgaum the team of ‘Kranthiveera Sangolli Rayanna’ left to Hyderabad to shoot in and around Nayakanar Gudda, Annapurneshwari studio and other places for the Durbar scenes. At this five days schedule Darshan, Srinivasamurthy, Dr Jayaprada, Shashikumar and others are taking part.

Around 26th of this month ‘KVSR’ reaches to Gokak for a major schedule till December 14.

The muhurut was special at a tiny place in Kalmata Ashrama. There was affection, deep concern and urge for showcasing the valiance of Sangolli Rayanna. Athani, Hikkeri Math Swamiji also took part in the muhurut of the film.

Anand Appugol biggest venture will be history best says the industry and others. He is an ardent fan of Sangolli Rayanna.

All the best to Sangolli Rayanna and team from www.chitratara.com

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