Posted date: 05 Sun, Dec 2021 05:34:56 PM

The Kannada film industry is always forging ahead in technological advancement. Even before a Hindi film the ‘Rhymes’ Kannada cinema released the first 3D trailer but the Corona Pandemic situation kept this team of Ajith Kumar in cold storage.

It is the first 3D model lyrical video in Kannada cinema industry and Rs.6 lakhs was spent on this 3D technology. Ajith Kumar J (Jasper Studios) creates it in association with Aesthetic Studios Samson Samuel, Karthik, Subheesh and Ranajan working on it. It should have been released before the RRR movie lyric video. It is a pride of Kannada film industry, says director Ajith Kumar.

However the team of producers Gnanashekhar, Ravikumar, Ramesh Babu and Girish is ready with the film ‘Rhymes’ to release on 10th of December.

Producer Gnanashekhar on behalf of his team says we wanted to give opportunity to new technicians. This film plays with the audience mind. We tried release of this film thrice but finally it happened on Dec 10 he says.

Director Ajith Kumar further says this is a crime thriller. Dream came true. Music and camera are the main pillars of the film.

Prolific actress Shuba Punja appears as a crime journalist in this film. The film started at first. I have some changes in this film. it is a serious and settled performance, the treatment for the film that I had seen at the dubbing time appears very different.

Ajith Jayaraj, protagonist of the film, says it is his sixth film in six years of cinema career. This is the first lead role. I am a Khadak cop. I go behind the rhyme in murder mystery and that is how title is connected he says.

Sushma Nair is the female lead. She is in a homely girl role. I am Bentaluru Hudgi, she proudly says. 

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