Posted date: 19/February/2011

After the scuffle at ‘Modhala Sala’ 50 days that was convened to give thanks giving to the media director Purushottam was speaking to the media persons at the famous ‘Oni’ of Green House. Mallikarjun the key person to the film ‘Modhala Sala’ was contacted by the media what would be the remuneration for Purushottam. Taking a few seconds time Mallikarjun announced Rs.8 lakhs that is coming in the form of remake rights to the film team.
With that news Purushottam wiping his tears told two years of hard work without any expectations had given him the bad remark today from one of the producers Yogesh Narayan.
I am from agricultural background, a master degree holder in Kannada; I was a lecturer earning Rs 8000 salary maintaining my fields. It is only when Mallikarjun heard the thread I evinced interest in this Rs.2.25 crore film.
I tell you frankly that I have not taken a single Paisa. Today morning when I left Mysore I took Rs.200 loan from my mother for bus charge.
Cinema making is difficult and not easy talking like Yogesh Narayan sais Purushottam and at this time Mallikarjun remembered that director pledged his gold to fetch Rs.50000 required for the film.
I was the busiest assistant director. It was Sandesh Nagaraj once told that I would become a director. I was in the company of S Mahender for a long time informed Purushottam.
What is Purushottam next – there are four subjects but ‘Pisumathu’ is getting ready.

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