Posted date: 6/August/2010

Coming out from the suicide drama director of 80 plus films Saiprakash is now on a sympathy wave. Former actress chandraika has come forward to produce a film ‘Sri Naga Shakthi’ while most of the artists in this film are here because of the problems faced by Saiprakash garu after the debacle of ‘Devaru Kotta Thangi’.

Actress Chandrika is playing the role of goddess Naga. She is producing the film because it is Saiprakash who introduced her in Thaigobba Tharle Maga film. It is nice to be a part of this film team. This would bring back the expected results say Chandrika.
Goddess Naga has never ditched me. Nagadevathe was a bumper crop for the producers. I feel the same returns for this film says Saiprakash. He has lined up films and BP Thyagaraju for the pending amount has asked Saiprakash to direct two films.

Producers Vijayakumar, Prabhakar and others have come forward to give handful of jobs for Saiprakash to bail him out from the losses.

Actor Ramkumar back in action after a long time playing the devotee with actress Shruthi as his counterpart says Saiprakash is an asset to Kannada cinema industry. Losing is different but staying in cinema industry is important he feels.

Actress Shruthi is also because of ‘Gowrava’ on Saiprakash. He has chosen me for ‘hetta Karulu’ and a film like Navashakthi Vaibhava has been all time important film of Saiprakash informed Shruthi.

Tennis Krishna is playing eunuch. Baby Kriti daughter of actress Shruthi’s sister is the little goddess in this film. She is very friendly with a snake that is what Saiprakash wanted in this film.

Goturi the lyricist and dialogue writer providing some of the ancient versions on Hindu Purana in this film Sri Naga Shakthi.

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