Posted date: 29/May/2011

The film makers who are tapping the doors of other languages for stuff – to remake and dub have been charged heavily by renowned writer and legendary figure Dr SL Byrappa.

Byrappaji took the remake and dubbed film aspirants for task. Adhu Kapi Mushti alla Rakshasa Mushti, he stated for capitalists showing supremacy for money rather than for creative works. He called upon the film makers not to stick on to one philosophy. Personally I don’t believe in ‘Siddantha’ said the author of twenty plus novels.

For the dubbing making entry SLB said it is ‘Corruption of Art’. For remake film makers he said it is ‘Cultural Daridrya’ in his strongly worded words. Where money is there, there is death of creativity. The author quoted the MGR film example. An actor should study the environment around which he is working and become a role for any film. Today Rajasthani boys are seen in big functions. Especially in marriage functions. We see turbans in marriages. Why, we have our own culture and tradition he lamented.

We should look at the truth in the art form. That is not possible in commercial films. Hata Thottu Kadime Karchu Madi….make films that speak truth! All commercial films are should dreams that all he meant in his address.


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