Posted date: 17/October/2008

Yes. Lord Shiva has blessed the Suverna Asianet 24 carat gold channel. Spending in a lavish scale for the first mythological television serial ‘Shivaleelamrutha’ and seeing to it the television serial reaches 100 episodes with high TRP ranking is possible only from the blessings of the omnipresent.

Based on Shivapurama and Skanda Purana writer JM Prahallad analysis is going so deep that it might fetch him the honorary doctorate says the unit of ‘Shivaleelamrutha’. Look at the new discovery Prahallad has made. Goddess Parvathi nurturing a plant and saying that it is equivalent to giving birth to 10 male children is a wonderful content of this ‘Shivaleelamrutha’. The hunger for money and power that is seen in social life today is also a point focused via ‘Shivaleelamrutha’ by the writer Prahallad.

This is going to be a boon for the sagging stage of losing of morality among us. The children and youth are taught the significance of our culture and tradition from this mythological television serial says Gurudut, Sanjay, Shashidhar Bhat and Vinod the bigwigs of Suverna Asianet channel.

Danseuse couple Sanjay and Shama with a very fine career on hand touring all over the world as Shiva and Parvathi are playing the same in this mythological televisions serial. Sanjay disclosed that he had to strengthen his mind and physical power for the role of Lord Shiva. He is also making a ‘Vratha’ on weekly three days. The role of Goddess Parvathi was my dream to emote in big or small screen says the charming Shama Sanjay in her address.

Director of Shivaleelamrutha Sunil Puranik feels very tough to make a mythological television serial. One episode is consuming three days to arrive on small screen he says. The graphic standards are also of international quality. For the first time in South India the mythological from Kannada in small screen has reached 100 episodes says Puranik.

The top religious personalities Sri Veerendra Heggade, Sri Balagangadharanatha Swamiji, Horanadu Bheemeshwara Joshi, Koodalasangama Panchamasali Jagadguru and Sri Basavajaya Mruthyunjaya Swamiji have immensely liked the ‘Shivaleelamrutha’ television serial and congratulated the team of Suverna channel.

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