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Nearly two years of sincere effort for ‘Biraagi’ film starring Dr Shivarajakumar is finally seeing the release on Friday, July 1, all over Karnataka. A simple man who is huge in his abilities is the crux of the film ‘Bairaagi’. A good family entertainer ‘Bairaagi’ has created a lot of hope.

At the prerelease meet the team of ‘Bairaagi’ addressed the media. This is what they have got to say.


Vijay Milton, I should thank Anoop Seelin and he took me to the house of Shivanna. Bairaagi protagonist is a simple man who is great inside. It matches the quality and nature of Shivanna. 18 months with a project he always focused on. In this movie there will be best performances for Dolly Dhananjay and Prithvi Ambar. Prithvi is a surprise for all. It is matcho outside and inside there is a lot of emotion. Anjali, Yasha and grandmother`s emotions trump card and Shivanna has mass image. I had seen his films and realized what I should do in this film. It is a good hearted story, not to waste such a big star I felt. I have balanced the mass elements with a good subject, says Milton. I understood, we need a story not a language I said at the outset. I got extremely good cooperation from Shivanna. Music director Anoop is also like assistant director and he is a huge support in every step.


Guru Kashyap dialogue writer was such a soft, straight and simple human being. Mass meter I had seen in him and I miss him very much stated Vijay Milton.


Very talented music director Anoop Seelin says Shivanna is the strength and no fear at all. We all worked hard for the film. For me in this film the super star in action is happy. For this film one song sungby Vasishta is suggested by Shivanna, says Anoop Seelin.


Prithvi Ambar says this chance is an unexpected offer and hopes for this film to release. My nervousness on sets got cleared on the first day of shooting. I am naughty with Shivanna in this film. Shiv and Dhananjay fans would love and action is spectacular. Family, comedy and emotion package cinema is ‘Bairaagi’.


Yasha Shivakumar feels lucky and blessed to get this offer. Working with Shivanna cinema is what my parents first liked. I am opposite Dolly in this film.


Shivarajakumar addressing on this occasion recalled the promotional work going on first. Vijay Milton is a perfectionist. Director is like a father and we are like children. What he said today on ‘Bairaagi’ is good. There is a lot of natural feel, except the opening song Nakare Naka…all flows with a good feel. For the role the action is also designed. Supreme Sulthan showed how the action will be shown in the video. This is the second film I have worked on with Anoop Seelin, music director. This film has given me complete satisfaction. I really miss dialogue writer Guru Kashyap – his words at the climax are so beautiful. The costume also relates to the situation. The wants of a protagonist and his concern for the society is good. ‘English Noru History Odthare but Kannadadavaru History create Madthare’… Shivanna remembered in his address. It will not be disappointing…it is definitely lavish and requirement is given to the full he adds.


Producer Krishna Sarthak, also a fan of Shivanna, says the demand for theaters to screen is increasing. There is demand from fans to screen the film at 12 in the midnight on June 30. We are looking at it. We are hoping for 350 screens for ‘Bairaagi’ and in Sangam theater Mysuru there will be a 60 feet cutout of Shivanna he says. 

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