Posted date: 9/August/2008

Smart youngster from silicon city of Bangalore Siva Selvaraj went to United States of America with his father to do Hospitality Management and Computer Engineering has returned with flying colors to show his scale of growth and area of work. With a Diploma certificate in Hollywood Film Institute Cinema Production he worked in ‘Hollywood Film Production Company’ before venturing in to ‘Celestial Bride’ with Parthiban Shanmugam.

Siva Kumar Selvaraj has written, produced and directed Blood Mountain, War Within Us, We are not Far Away, ‘Celestial Brides’, ‘Pizza Story’, ‘Downtime’ ‘You are Rejected’ who has just completed Hollywood comedy flick ‘Black Men Can Swim’ is contemplating on setting up of an Animation institute and Post production studio in Bangalore in the coming months. Siva Selvaraj in graduating with Parthiban Shanmugam in Hollywood worked with him in writing, producing, directing some of the award winning documentaries.

Siva Kumar Selvaraj editing and special effects work for his film ‘Black Men Can Swim’ might take place in one of the studios in Bangalore. He showed the clippings of his works ‘Celestial Bride’ made on the eunuchs of Koovagam in Tamil Nadu State and his latest film ‘Black Men Can Swim’ starring Dexter Tucker brother of Chris Tucker and Larry Holden.

He believes in ‘No body is superior to others, everyone have talent in them one should identify themselves’. He has started ‘Vanilla Films’ with Parthibhan.

Almost all the films Siva Selvaraj is associated with have been screen at the national international festivals like Boston, Philadelphia, Stuttgard Germany festival, Trebeca, Rome, Bowlder, Jaipur International short film jury award and also screened at Cannes Film Festival 2008.

‘No harm in dreaming big, one can have an achievable goal with a big dream and work towards it’ is the dream of Siva Selvaraj.

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