Posted date: 24/February/2011

On Wednesday afternoon there was protest in front of the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce by the fans of Sudeep obviously alerted the media and television channels captured it and went on air. The fans protested saying the earlier issues should not disturb the release of ‘Kempe Gowda’.
Inside the KFCC there was a meeting going on related to one Mr Chandrappa who filed a case against Sudeep for balance of amount Rs.5 lakh due from him. This amount dates back to ‘No 73 Shanthinivasa’ time. KFCC on a complaint advised Sudeep to clear the payment.
Chandrappa on learning Sudeep starring ‘Kempe Gowda’ is on the anvil went to KFCC again and urged for the money due from the star. The KFCC ruled by saying first clear the Chandrappa issue to Sudeep.
The matter is just that but it was blown out of proportion by someone to gain mileage to ‘Kempe Gowda’. The negative publicity is also bringing people to the theatres is what these ignorant people believe.
Another meeting at 5 pm was convened on the matter related to Chandrappa. At this meeting Sudeep came to KFCC and shook hands and went away.
The great Basanthkumar Patil later tells the media that it is all media created confusion and chaos. There is no problem as such he blamed the media again. The junior bunch from television channels not able to give fitting reply went back as ‘Bites’ are important even though ‘Bigula’ is made.
Sudeep and Shankare Gowda came to the KFCC to discuss the theatre related issue for ‘Kempe Gowda’ stated Basanthkumat Patil.
Those who were keeping ‘Kivi mele Hoova’ found it falling down!

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