Posted date: 10/February/2009

One more record will be set in by the comedy couple on screen – Tennis Krishna and Rekha Das. They have acted together in comedy roles in 99 film assignments starting from ‘Nenachare Siruppuvaram’ (Thara and Ravikiran also acted in lead roles) Tamil television film way back in the 1980’s.

Perhaps no pair on Kannada screen reached this mark is a record at the Amrutha Mahotsava time. Tennis Krishna chatting with a few media friends recently disclosed that he and Rekha Das are planning a notable film as the 100th one.
The duo is permanent in director Saiprakash films and ‘Simhada Mari’ was a super hit one. The films like Hetta Karalu, Halo Sister, Hettavaru, Kitturina Huli, Kollura Kala, Policena Hendthi, Challenge earned good response.

The Kannada film actors Sarigama Viji and Sridevi starred in hundred of shows of stage play ‘Samsaradalli Sarigama’.

Tennis is the name came to Krishna II PUC pass out from his association with the Karnataka Lawn Tennis Association. He was picking balls and throwing balls to the players at KSLTA. He even took part till the quarter finals in the state level lawn tennis competition. He was a tutor to a bigwig like Prem Sagar. Since comedy is his forte he affixed Tennis to his name and thus became Tennis Krishna from assistant direction for RN Jayagopal film ‘Hrudaya Pallavi’ and did the work of associate director for Sunilkumar Desai’s ‘Tharka’.

Acting in the comedy department came naturally for Tennis Krishna and his chilling voice added extra flavor. He is known in Kannada cinema for 400 plus films and his peak period was 90’s where he worked on three shifts like what Malashri used to work. Tennis Krishna and Doddanna combination also became hit in the late 90’s and the two separated for five years on ego issue. But from ‘Maharaja’ they came together and still going strong says Tennis Krishna.

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