Posted date: 9/June/2011

Two songs of ‘9 to 12’ were released in the presence of two MLAS – BC Patil and Dayananda Reddy. Three directors were on the dais! BC Patil, Ashok Patil and Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar!

Dayananda Reddy appreciated the siblings Kannada Prema! Ivaribbaru kelsa bittu Kannada cinema madiddhare and madtha iddare was the hogalike.

Nagthi Meshtru remembered his meetings of Ashok Patil in Los Angeles when he was going there did not add anything to promote the film ‘9 to 12’.

BC Patil somehow brought the opposition leader in his speech. Siddaramaiah did not move throughout the film when a film of 9 to 12 was arranged disclosed BC Patil. Assembly banni antha Suresh Kumar avru Karedru Paapa Siddaramaiah ‘9 to 12’ cinema Nodthidru Ansuthe! The film was so gripping he switched off the mobile obviously Siddu linege siglilla to Sureshkumar.

Inna Ashok Patil is happy because Nivedhita alias Smitha was looking good. It is because after release of ‘9 to 12’ the film will be ‘Americanised’ by his Hollywood friends. Obama Kush Hua!

Nivedhitha again and again told media not to write her name as Smitha with a mandhasmitha smilu. Kishore – Veerappan in the making on silver screen was in straightforward mood. Vyaparakke I need not have to talk. This is not that kind of cinema.

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